• becomes a part of
  • now employs more than 50 members of staff
  • Total number of servers: 22,000
  • expanding Datacenter capacity in Frankfurt with new DC building
  • DDoS protection service available in Frankfurt
  • is now a company of GoDaddy™
  • sells the 7000th dedicated server
  • opens a new Datacenter in Hong Kong
  • opens a new Datacenter in France
  • 30 employees are working now for
  • plans Hong Kong Datacenter
  • sells the 6000th dedicated server
  • expanding Datacenter capacity in Frankfurt with another 200 m2 room
  • 25 employees are working now for
  • expanding Datacenter capacity in Frankfurt with another 150 m² room
  • 20 employees are working now for
  • opens a new POP in Miami in February
  • Backbone capacity extended to 100 Gbit/s in Frankfurt
  • In April sells the 3000th dedicated server
  • In December sells the 4000th dedicated server
  • Backbone capacity extended to more than 80 Gbit/s
  • Fifteen employees work for the company
  • participates third time at gamescom Cologne
  • opens a new POP at Telehouse Datacenter Frankfurt with an own 220 m² room for new servers
  • In May sells the 2000th dedicated server
  • Business in US tripled
  • In November sells the 2500th dedicated server
  • commences operations at a new site in Los Angeles to offer server-based services in the USA as well
  • participates in the WorldHostingDays 2012 in India and Russia
  • Twelve employees work for the company
  • Relocation to Hanau Lamboy. Nine employees work for
  • participates in the WorldHostingDays 2011 for the first time
  • appoints its first trainee
  • Internationalisation: increases its sales in the Middle East and Eastern Europe
  • Further expansion of the existing Gaming segment  
  • Concentration on the Gaming segment. First gaming customers such as Gondal scaled up from 50,000 to 1.2 million users
  • Hewlett Packard streams n-tv live via the backbone
  • Traffic from German TV station ZDF-Mediathek processed largely by via the client
  • Backbone extension to 47 Gbit
  • sevenload GmbH concludes a cooperation agreement with to significantly expand its server farm
  • processes a large amount of its traffic via
  • Concentration on providing IT infrastructure for media clients in the streaming segment
  • Acquisition of the domain from the insolvent company Service GmbH
  • Sale of the game server segment
  • Development of the platform
  • Founding of the GmbH
  • Development of an Autonomous Network (AS)
  • Company founded as a sole trader
  • Provision of web hosting, dedicated servers and game servers