Custom Setups

Your partner for bespoke server infrastructure custom setups are completely designed around your needs.

We already provide the infrastructure that powers payment solutions, ecommerce, gaming websites, and many more applications from a breadth of industries.

Every day, we assist IT teams, DevOps, and system engineers in building server environments that exactly meet their computing demands - today and tomorrow. At you can speak directly to our data center team, who, like you, deal with the day-to-day planning, deployment, and maintenance of complex server systems.

Let our engineers design a scalable server platform that fits your business performance needs. Or share your thoughts and ideas with us to see how we can help you.

Experts for complex server setups

Since 2003, we've completed hundreds of tailor-made server deployments for customers from various industries. Discuss your plans with our engineers and benefit from their expertise

Your project, your requirements

With a custom setup from, you can design and build exactly the server infrastructure your project requires - and scale easily when needed

Gain a global footprint

Perfect for SMEs with international ambitions: expand easily into new markets with hardware available in secure data centers in Europe, the US, and Asia

Past projects & deployments


  • Redundant load balancer HA setup, with 2 hardware loadbalancers for German news/scene page
  • Custom setup with redundant switch stack, 10G access ports to every server
  • Design of a high availability server infrastructure in a protected data center room with 200 servers, switched fabric / spine-and-leaf architecture, OOB management switch platform, redundant 80 GBit/s firewalls, redundant routers, server connection with 20 GBit/s up to 60 GBit/s, redundant NAS storage with 80 GBit/s connection
  • Custom NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU servers 
  • Custom database server cluster. Each machine equipped with 4 x E7 CPUs, FusionIO PCIe SSD, and 60 GBit/s network connection
  • Complex router and network installations including BGP IP routing, LACP link aggregation and access control lists
  • Larger server deployments, 600+ machines within a week
  • Data center relocations: 200+ servers from DUS -> FRA and AMS -> FRA with less than 6 hours downtime