Disaster Recovery Solutions

What is Backup?'s fully automated backup and recovery solution powered by Acronis protects your business and your customers’ data in case of cyberattacks, natural disasters, or simple human error. Secure, cloud-based, and scalable. Backup is easily integrated with your systems while allowing you to quickly adjust your storage needs without investing in your own costly hardware and personnel. Minimise downtime and recovery costs, scale up when needed.

Cloud-based Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans

Do you still use local backups? Local backups are a good starting point, but what will get your systems and services back up and running as quickly as possible when a cyberattack or a simple software error knocks out your systems?

Safeguard your data by keeping redundant off-site copies of your servers. With Backup & Recovery, you can replicate your data geo-redundant and restore individual files, applications, or a complete system, in mere seconds.

By keeping a remote backup of your data, you avoid simultaneously destroying both original data and backups should a physical disaster (like theft, fire or flood) or digital threat (like a cyberattack or network-wide malware infection) occur.

Ransomware Protection

Included free of charge

Geo-redundant Backups

Available storage locations: Germany & USA

Flexible Backup Options & Upgrades

100 GB to 1 TB volume packages available

Migrate Existing Servers to

With built-in Acronis Universal Restore technology

Easy turnkey cloud-based solution

Ready in as little as 3 clicks

Self-service Recovery & Instant Restore

Restore files and systems in just seconds

All Features at a Glance

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  • 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)    
  • AES-256 encryption of backups in transit and at rest
  • Full image and file-level backups
  • Customizable policies with backup schedule/frequency and retention rules
  • Customizable compression levels for data being backed up
  • Granular application backup such as Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Active Directory
  • Wide range of recovery options: entire machine, ESXi configuration, single files and folders
  • Anti-ransomware protection: Active Protection
  • Anti-virus and Anti-malware protection: Pre-Execution AI-based file analyzer, Behavior-based Cyber Engine (Windows)
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • 24/7 professional support by your experts

Why should I choose Backup?

Maintain GDPR Compliance

Protect your backups with AES-256 encryption

Enhanced Data Safety

Benefit from our superior data protection expertise

Off-load Management & Maintenance

Instead of worrying about managing storage at an off-site location

Use Latest Generation Data Protection Technology

For your dedicated servers, as 500,000 companies already do

Restore Data in No Time

Saved versions or even selected data, including all applications and user rights

No Backup Degree Needed

Acronis has everything under control - while you can take care of your real business